Hello and welcome to my little art gallery!  I am Azonthus, your tour guide and artist for the trip.  Please, ignore the screaming dinosaur at the front gate, they just like to make a lot of noise.  And please don't pet them, they get touchy about people getting too close.

I believe the buttons at left are fairly self explanatory, but I'll go ahead and humor the people that insist on petting the dinosaurs and tell everyone here just what they are.

Updates- Yes, I do update every now and again.  Just keep checking that little section to see what's new.

Ye Old Works- Yes, I know the Old is missing the E at the end for the correct old English spelling.  So sue me, the computer doesn't like Old English!  This is where I put some of my older works that I just can't seem to get rid of.

Equine- Equine is a fancy word for Horse.  I like horses.  Horses are easy to draw.

Saurian- Yay for dinosaurs!  Them scaly critters are quite interesting; they're the real dragons that once haunted this world.

Dreams-  What is fantasy but your dreams put to paper?

Commissioned- Apparently, some people like my art enough to ask me to draw something for them.

Work Doodles- When work gets boring, I get doodling! Just don't tell Ben, or he'll have me thrown to the Carnotaurs.

Library- Art is not just what you can draw or paint; art can be done with words.  I dabble in poetry a bit and write bunches of stories.

So!  Go out there and start looking at all my pretty pictures!