The Code of Dinotopia

This is the Code of Dinotopia. Of course, it is written in Dinotopian, but I have included a translation for those of you who are unable to read the Dintopian alphabet.

Survival Of All Or None.
One Raindrop Raises The Sea.
Weapons Are Enemies Even To Their Owners.
Give More, Take Less.
Others First, Self Last.
Observe, Listen, And Learn.
Do One Thing At A Time.
Sing Every Day.
Exercise Imagination.
Eat To Live, Don't Live To Eat.
Don't P....(Remaining Text Missing)

Nallab believes that the rest of the text applies only to humans. He says that it means..."Don't pee in the bath." But you can believe it means whatevere you want it to. Personally, I think it says "don't patronize tyrannosaurs."

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