Waterfall City RP

Welcome to the Waterfall City RP. Here, we role play the lives of Dinotopians and sometimes go on rescue missions. The new story has started! Some trappers for the New York City Zoo have managed to get themselves shipwrecked on Dinotopia. Just what chaos will ensue?

Break out of Frames!

Here are some helpful links in the Role Play:

bulletThe Role Play- visit the Role Play itself
bulletCharacters- Learn who is where and what they are
bulletGuide to Role Play- First timer at Role Playing? Here's some help.
bulletVote on the next RP- Yup! You can help decide what we do next for the Role Play!
bulletRules- Hey, better read them before joining in on the story!
bulletRead the story- What has been written so far.
bulletMap- View a map of Dinotopia

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