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I just got a letter from James Gurney today and thought you would all be interested in reading this.


In case you haven't heard already, we just got the news that ABC has decided to cancel the Dinotopia TV series after December 26. Hallmark told me that it will complete production of the remaining seven episodes, which will probably run on the Hallmark Channel.

In a way, I'm relieved that the Hallmark/Disney TV series is extinct, because the episodes honestly were getting more and more embarrassing. If only the producers in TV land could see Dinotopia the way we all see it -- you, me, and the faithful fans -- when we close our eyes.

Who knows? maybe someone out there who is now a teenager will one day will grow up to become a filmmaker who can really do Dinotopia justice.

So, the show is gone. I can't really say I'm sorry, because Dinotopia HAS become something of an embarrassment. The TV series is all anyone really knew about Dinotopia from, not the beautiful books that James Gurney has illustrated and worked so hard on.