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Ever wonder just where to find those exciting Dinotopian items for your collection?  Here, I will feature a location each issue that I feel offers a good selection, or unique collectibles.

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Ride to Atlantis

Dragon Scape

These are two rather unusual prints by James Gurney.  As we all know, he's the author and artist of Dinotopia, but he's also painted many other pictures.  These two are some of his littler known works, a mermaid and a dragon. 

Who tends the secrets of the sea floor? A mermaid, of course. Riding side- saddle (the only way she knows how) on one of her tamed sea monsters, she looks for treasures from lost ships to add to her underwater museum. Follow her if you dare, and she will take you to the place that only drowned sailors have seen: the mysterious courtyards and palaces of Atlantis.  If you look closely, I believe the "mermaid" is Oriana Nascava, from World Beneath!

Having a big dragon in the back yard makes little difference for the people of the village. For one thing, he snores. And parents are always telling their children not to wander too far into his mouth. But he's pretty harmless, really. After all, he hasn't moved in 800 years.


Both are available as gift cards from for $1.35 each.